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Dawn E. Larned


Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Choreographer,

Body Nerd, City-dwelling Farm Girl, Scientist, Mystic, Empress, Fool, Yaysayer, Magic Peddler, Full-bellied Laugher, Fierce Mama Bear of Twins,

Facilitator of Health and Wellbeing...

I began my love affair with movement as a child dancing in my living room to my parent’s Beatles albums.  Moving my body has always been my favorite form of personal expression whether that be climbing a tree, shaking my hips to a jazz tune, practicing yoga, or sprinting across a field.  My explorations into performance introduced me to the disciplined integration of the body-mind-spirit. I learned to bring awareness to my breath, my body as it lived rooted on the earth, and my connection to a  greater power that moves through me as a creative force.

​Basically, I spend a lot of time thinking about the body and utilizing movement to help others to better pilot their bodies.  I am passionate about this and I look forward to playfully moving my body along with you.  You can find me at breathandgravity.com.

We will provide snacks and a 1.5 hour lunch break will be given.  Feel free to bring your own lunch or explore one of the eating establishments in the neighborhood with us.

Other than your body, please bring with you: 
a cushion for under your hips

a journal and pen

a willingness to be open with yourself and others.


There will be safe consensual touch and partner work in this class.

APRIL 02 / 10am-5pm

Voices of the Body

movement and writing to retell the body myths


April 2, 2017 10am-5pm


522 N Thompson St Portland, OR 97227

Your body holds stories of your life, of the lives before you, and the life that moves through you, that is born from you.

How many times a day do you feel embodied? How often do you feel you listen to what your body is saying, what it wants, what stories it wants to tell? How often do we silence and still our bodies as to not take up space? How often do we remain small in our bodies when we want to feel big, to celebrate this amazing life? How much do we still believe in the stories that have been placed within us, through our culture, but are not our own?

Our bodies are the living stories of our experiences, our identities, our traumas, and our love.

Some of the stories get stuck in the spaces of our bodies- bones, skin, joints, blood. This feeling of stuckness can cause creative stagnancy, pains and ache in the body, the sensation of not feeling “grounded” in the body.


Through simple and devoted movement and breath expression, by paying attention to the loud and subtle voices of all areas of the body : we can move energy, move ourselves deeper into ourselves, and begin to retell the myth of what our body carries.


As women, our bodies have endured the stories of our culture. We carry the assaults of the personal and collective within us. We carry the stories that we have been told to us:: who we are, who we must be, or what what we should become. These are not our stories, but they live in us, the circulate through our systems. Your practice is to move deeper into those places, and begin to own that landscape of the body, reclaim it, retell it like it really is: Yours.  A place to belong to, your one true home. It’s your body. It’s your story. It’s you.

In this workshop, we will be using simple body-awareness practices, led by bodyworker and movement guide Dawn Larned, so we can experience our bodies as they are, in truth.

Between movement practices, writer and tarot reader, MaryBeth Bonfiglio will be asking the living questions, telling stories of the body, and bringing us to our writing spaces, using prompts and tarot cards, so we can begin to retell the myth of our bones, to express the stories of our bodies, as they come from deep with us.


In this workshop we will:

-practice and enjoy being in our bodies
-work our way through our bodies with intention and movement

-deepen our writing.

-use the body as a lens for a new and personal storytelling.

-allow stories to be born and to die, just as our bodies are constantly doing... birthing and dying, cell by cell, tissue by tissue, heartbeat by heartbeat.

-play with archetypes with tarot, that align with specific body parts, and write the story of that particular power at play.

-we will alternate moving and writing, moving and writing.

-we will nourish, connect, rest, and be in community.

You will enjoy this workshop if you:

-feel called to practice embodiment
-love to write, or at least want space to write
-are seeking a deeper connection to places within yourself
-are ready to claim your body in new or forgotten ways, decided by you.

-are feeling stuck creatively

-are interested in the connection between the body, tarot and writing.

-seeking creative community

-are ready for a day of refuge and devotion to yourself.



This workshop will especially help us integrate our bodies, to allow for contradictions, aches, beauty, and belonging. Together we will allow our stories to shift, practicing gaining clarity through movement and words, and letting ourselves be with the concepts of both pain and pleasure, and to continue to form the most intimate relationship we think we can have--- the one with our bodies.


All that is needed is your body. No experience in movement, yoga, or any modality needed, although dance, yoga, touch therapies, and somatic- awareness exercises will be utilized. This workshop is accessible for those in wheelchairs as well, or with body disabilities. All are welcome.

We are excited to share the day with you.

Reserve your spot, now. Spaces are limited.
Sliding Scale: $75 - $150

Marybeth Bonfiglio


I am a writer, writing guide, and lover of words. Writing feels like making love to me, to the world, to you.  I hold space for self expression,  creation and story telling.  I support those who believe in uprising through their voice. I also am a professional tarot reader, and use archetypes as writing support. I live in Portland, OR with my daughters and partner and am currently writing a book. 

You can find me at marybethbonfiglio.com.

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guided by

Marybeth Bonfiglio and Dawn E. Larned

For Questions /  Contact us

Dawn Larned: dawn@breathandgravity.com

Marybeth Bonfiglio: triumphmind.words@gmail.com

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